Helping Italy

Running a restaurant is pretty consuming work. If you’re not severing or cooking then you’re checking the stock and placing orders for the next week. Or you catch up on calls and email. And if you absolutely can’t find anything else to do (which is very, very rare) then you clean something. It’s easy to forget that anything exists outside the restaurant.

So I was a little confused at first when four days ago a patron expressed their sympathy to me over what had happened in Italy. I thanked them and then immediately pulled up the news on my smartphone on my way back to the kitchen to fetch another table’s order.

My heart stopped.

You never think that things like this are going to happen at home. You’re never really prepared to see the kinds of images that have come pouring out of central Italy this week. The number of lives lost and homes destroyed is simply staggering. You have to understand that in the areas of Italy where the earthquake wrought the worst damage, communities are small and scattered. Amatrice at its busiest only houses around 2,000 people. So a headline listing a figure like 200 or 250 as lost is a far larger number than it seems. It would be like one of every ten or twelve people that you see while walking down the street just disappearing. For the communities that live in those small towns this is truly devastating.

The staff and I want to do something for our fellow countrymen back home. We’re donating 50% of the proceeds from a special dish that we’ll make this week named Spaghetti All’amatriciana to the Italian Red Cross to help the people of Italy heal. Even if you don’t want to order the dish, we’re also collecting donations in any amount. If you can’t visit us this week but still want to do something too, then visit the Italian Red Cross’s website here to donate.

Thank you all for expressing your sympathy to me and the staff over these last few days. Our prayers and hearts go out on behalf of the Italian people and we hope to positively affect the situation with your help.