Special Events

Email Danilo@OrofinoRestaurant.com or call 540/373-2953 to enquire about event schedules or to book an event.


 Cooking classes (30/person)

Learn how to cook like an Italian! Each cooking class will cover the skills needed to cook simple, classic Italian fare. Better yet—you’ll learn from a real Italian chef! Classes are one hour long and include a glass of wine.

Payment in full is required for registration. No refunds.  No exchanges.

Next Cooking Class: Tuesday, September 12 at 3:00pm 7 spots left; Tuesday, September 26 at 3:00pm 10 spots left

In September, we will be preparing Lazio classics like Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe and Supplỉ!

If you are looking for a class for your group, birthday or special occasion, a private class can be arranged.  Call us to schedule one this summer!

Language Classes (30/person)

Call for a lesson time that works with your schedule!

Learn the most beautiful language in the world. A native Italian will teach you the basics of conversation. Classes are an hour. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine during class.

If you are more advance in your language skills, let us know and we can arrange a special date and time for you.

Payment in full is required for registration. No refunds.  No exchanges.

Wine Tastings (15/person)

Next Tasting: Wednesday, September 6 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.  Lazio Region (Add to Google Calendar or join the Facebook event)

Taste and enjoy wines from all over Italy! Each tasting offers the flavors of grape varietals from a specific region in Italy. Every region has its own unique climate and growing conditions that influence the wine. Wine tastings are offered monthly.

No registration is needed.  Payment is taken the day of the event. 

Chef’s Table (100/person, limited to 20 seats) 

Come ready to enjoy a dinner like you’ve never had before! The monthly chef’s table includes a seven course meal based on a specific region in Italy with perfectly paired wines. The menu and wine list change monthly—always something new. A native Italian will regale you with the history of the region and its dishes. Below are the months and corresponding regions.  Reservations are open for the remainder of 2017.

$50 deposit is required for each reservation.  In the event of cancellation, deposit will not be refunded.  Spots can be gifted but not exchanged.  


August 20- Calabria  0 spots left

September 17- Lazio  4 spots left

October 15- Trentino Alto Adige  0 spots left

November 19- Friuli Venezia Giulia  0 spots left

December 17-  Basilicata  10 spots left

January 21-  Sardinia  20 spots left

February 18- Abruzzo 20 spots left

March 18- Marche 20 spots left

April 15-  Basilicata  20 spots left