September is right around the corner (already)!

A friend was telling me that Caroline County Schools are already back in session! Crazy! I can’t believe how quickly the summer has flown by. We’re holding onto these last few sun-soaked hours as best we can over here—especially while the pools are still open!

September is going to bring with it some really exciting things for you to try out while you’re at the restaurant. Many of you have been asking about the language lessons—those will start in September and we’ll release the full schedule here on the website soon. The lessons are going to be a really fun way to meet people and get to know the staff here. It’ll also be pretty impressive to learn how to order dinner in fluent Italian when you bring your friends back with you! I’ll be announcing the full schedule in the newsletter first so please do sign up for that (it’s also the best place to stay on top of all the giveaways and breaking news at Orofino).

We’re all set up for lunch now so I need to get back to the kitchen and check on everyone. Thank you all again so much for your advice and kind attention these past few days as we’ve gotten up and running. Please do feel free to talk to anyone while you’re here about any ideas or feedback you have. You’d be surprised how much of what you see when you’re here is influenced by what our guests share with us.

A presto! I’ve saved a seat for you!