Change of hours for the weekend


First, I have to again send out a big thank you to everyone who braved the heat today to join me and my family on this amazing day. We were so busy in spite of the weather and it made my heart glad to see every seat full and every face smiling.

We learned a lot tonight, not least of which is that the electrical system in the building couldn’t adequately handle the demand of the air conditioners as well as all the cooking and serving. I saw the staff and guests struggling in the heat, talked it over with my wife, our electrician (who was kind enough to rush over to the building to have a look at things), and the rest of the crew and I’ve decided for the sake of everyone’s health and safety to close the restaurant for two days until I’m sure that we have everything in perfect working order.

To everyone who signed up for the newsletter before the 10th and received the giveaway voucher, we’ll be accepting that for an additional two days, August 19 and 20, so you won’t miss out on the goodies that you were looking forward to enjoying this weekend.

I look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday when we open back up. Thank you again so much for your support! It meant so much to me to see everyone enjoying themselves tonight so please know that you won’t have to wait too long before your next visit.


Danilo and everyone at Orofino