Announcing Orofino’s Grand Opening!

We’re almost ready! Everything is coming together so quickly!

It’s just down to the fine details now. We met with our wine distributor last week and selected a few vintages that I’m sure you’re going to love. Now it’s down to a bit of painting and repairs, getting the furniture in place, and—of course—cooking up some delicious plates!

Look at all the pretty bottles! Can't wait to share these with you!
Look at all the pretty bottles! Can’t wait to share these with you!

Free Stuff!

So! As a thank you to everyone who has been following along with us so far, we’re giving away some free stuff to everyone who’s signed up to the Orofino email newsletter!

Everyone who is signed up to the newsletter by August 10 will receive a voucher for one free thing on one day of our Grand Opening Week when you order an entrée:

Friday 12 August → Get a free cannoli!
Saturday 13 August → Get some free gelato!
Sunday 14 August → Get a free mimosa!
Monday 15 August → Get some free arancini (fried breaded rice balls)!
Tuesday 16 August → Get a free sangria!
Wednesday 17 August → Get a free bruschetta!
Thursday 18 August → Get a free espresso and biscotti!

Your voucher will only be redeemable on one day of the week so choose wisely! And it’s not too late to spread the word and get everyone you know to sign up for the newsletter so they can enjoy something free with you when y’all come to visit.

Thank you again, guys! I’ll see you soon!